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UPDATED 1-30-2023
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IT"S Here AT Last
Halloween 2022 in Beautiful
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   IT"S Here AT Last
 The now Famous and often copied

Turtle Creek Annual Halloween Parade
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Broken Arrow Where opportunity lives




                                        2022 TURTLE CREEK YARD OF THE WEEK

                                                                             We all win when we all care!
                                                                                       updated 10-17-2022

updated 1-30-2023

Inside Lending


Brought to you by Samuel Fowler





For the week of JANUARY 30, 2023






“Never go to a doctor whose office plants have died.”—Erma Bombeck, American humorist









New Home Sales headed up 2.3% in December. They’re still down from a year ago but the recent trend has been positive—nationally, sales activity has been rising for the past three months in a row.

More good news: the supply of completed homes has risen rapidly. There is now a 9.0 months’ supply of new homes for sale, a significant increase from the 3.3 months’ supply early in the pandemic. 

Also encouraging, the Pending Home Sales index of signed contracts on existing homes rose for the first time since last May. The NAR observed, “recent declines in rates are clearly helping to stabilize the market.”









BACK TO THE RALLY... After the prior week's losses, traders put their rally caps back on and sent the three major stock indexes up strongly on signs the Fed is curbing inflation without a big boost in unemployment. 

The PCE Price index, the Fed's favorite measure, showed inflation moderated from November's 5.5% read to 5.0% in December. Meanwhile, initial weekly jobless claims fell by 6,000, to 186,000.

In addition, the economy grew at a 2.9% annual rate in Q4, there were some strong quarterly corporate results, and Durable Goods Orders and University of Michigan Consumer Sentiment came in better-than-expected.

The week ended with the Dow UP 1.8%, to 33,978; the S&P 500 UP 2.5%, to 4,071; and the Nasdaq UP 4.3%, to 11,622.

Bond prices ended flat overall, but the UMBS 5.5% rose .05, to $101.16. Freddie Mac's Primary Mortgage Market Survey showed the national average 30-year fixed mortgage rate continued to trend down. Remember, mortgage rates can be extremely volatile, so check with your mortgage professional for up-to-the-minute information. 

DID YOU KNOW… New Home Sales and Pending Home Sales are timelier indicators of where real estate is heading because they’re calculated when contracts are signed. So, it was good news that both trended up in December.









CONSTRUCTION SPENDING, MANUFACTURING, SERVICES, JOBS, THE FED... December Construction Spending is expected to come in flat. The ISM Manufacturing Index is forecast to show contraction, but ISM Non-Manufacturing may reveal expansion. There should be modest gains in Nonfarm Payrolls, Average Hourly Earnings, and the Unemployment Rate. We'll also get the Fed's FOMC Rate Decision, projected to be a quarter percent hike.









Forecasting Federal Reserve policy changes in coming months. The futures market expects the Fed will vote for a quarter percent rate hike this week and in March, then nothing in May. Note: In the lower chart a 99.9% probability of change is a 99.9% probability the rate will rise. Current rate is 4.25%-4.50%.



Feb 1   


Mar 22


May 3



Probability of change from current policy:



Feb 1


Mar 22


May 3









Now is the time to develop your strategy and plan for 2023. Then put that plan in motion immediately. Having a plan and executing it early in the year will give you the momentum that will carry you through the next 12 months.




Samuel Fowler

Samuel Fowler
Branch Manager
NMLS# 1359894

7702 E 91st Street Suite 225
Tulsa, OK 74133

Direct 918-901-9352
Fax 918-901-9369



Supreme Lending
















Broken Arrow Where opportunity lives

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Cart reminders

Quote of the Week


Don’t wait to buy real estate. Buy real estate and wait.


- Will Rogers









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Spring in Turtle Creek


                                                                                  Broken Arrow Named 11 safest city in America

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                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 updated 1-9-2021

                                                                          THE 2020 Turtle Creek Halloween Parade Video is HERE!

Linda Brewer and her Pansies

After spending hours and days in hot weather, then wet, and then
finally cold weather at each of our Entrances digging out the
weeds and the flowers of Summer, Linda turned to planting over 290 Pansies
to bring back the beauty of our entrances.  Each of the Pansies required a new hole,
some "Blood Meal and Fertilizer, to live through the cold and Winter. 
Each one done with tender love and care.
  Next Spring, the Oakridge and Louisville
Entrances will be a place of joy and beauty thanks
 to her extremely hard work this fall.
Turtle Creek furnished the Pansies and Linda
 gave of her time without charge!
The next time you see her,
 please say
"Thank YOU for your hard work!"

YOUR NEW 2022 Turtle Creek HOA Statements
are mailed
If YOU did not get your statement by the April
The The Following paragraph is from
"The Turtle Creek Homeowners Association Covenants"
Please take time to read and understand that the YOUR Association
has the ability to place a lien upon your property for past due Dues and the
cost to collect those dues
   M.     Mandatory Membership.  All lot owners in this Addition shall be subject to mandatory
              membership in the Turtle Creek Homeowners Association, an Oklahoma corporation,
              and shall be bound by the Certificate of Incorporation and Bylaws of Turtle Creek
              Homeowners Association, including the payment of mandatory annual dues established
              by said Turtle Creek Homeowners Association.  Turtle Creek Homeowners Association
              and/or any individual property owner may exercise any and all appropriate legal or
              equitable remedies against the real property of any person failing to pay the mandatory
              dues each year, and can maintain a suit in the District Court of Tulsa County for the
              purpose of collection of those mandatory dues.  The prevailing party in any such lawsuit
              shall be entitled to their costs of action, including a reasonable attorney's fee.

Your Dues go a long way at getting things done
 here in Turtle Creek!

YOUR dues are used to maintain the Entrance,
 Maintain and Pay for the
Sprinkler System, The Electric service, Water Service,
The Plantings and Maintenance of the Entrance,
Christmas Decorating Contest, Entrance Decorating for Christmas,
Halloween Parade and Security, The Annual Garage Sale
 and ads associated with the sale PLUS the Mowing of the Areas
 Along South Aspen Avenue and along West Houston Street,
the Newsletter and YOUR Web site

Want to know whether you have paid or not OR how
MUCH do you owe?

(updated 1-13-2023)

The spread Sheet shows ONLY the amount due.
 IF you have paid,
 then the spread sheet will show you as "Paid" or with a "$00.00" balance

 a very big THANK YOU for YOUR help!

If you are having a problem, please email
me at or call or text me at 918.258.2298 and let
me know.  Anything can be worked out, but we must know the
problem before we can find the solution.
As of November 1st the dues are considered late and become
subject to being turned over to a Collection Agency for Collection.
If that happens, it does, and will, affect your Credit Report,
So Please, take the time to send your Check.

When YOU do not pay your dues, there are repairs and/or maintenance items
that cannot be fixed or replaced.  Your dues go a long way at keeping
Turtle Creek looking great, so

Please make Check out to 
 FOR $50.00 
and either mail it or drop it by
1224 South Chestnut Avenue
How much to you owe?
Please Click below
(updated 1-13-2023)
If you have a boat, an RV, a DEAD Auto or Truck, or a trailer parked in your driveway
Please remove it and do any of the below
  remove them from the driveway and park them "Behind the Fence" on an
all weather surface (not grass, not gravel) completely out of sight.
or move them to a self storage business.

below is the paragraph referred to in the Covenants of Turtle Creek

J.     Automobiles, Boats and Trailers.  Except as expressly hereinafter provided, no lot or

            parcel shall be used as a parking, display or accommodation area for any type of motor
            vehicle, boat, trailer, camper or motor-driven cycle.  The purpose of parking, display or
            accommodation area is to store or to perform any activity thereon such as, but not
            limited to maintenance, repair, rebuilding, dismantling, repainting, servicing of any kind,
            or storage, except as hereinafter provided.  Such storage or activities may be performed
            within completely enclosed garages or other structures located on the lot which screen
            the sight and sound of the activities from the street and from adjoining property in such
            a manner so as to have the storage or activity out of the public view. The foregoing
            restriction shall not be deemed to prevent the washing or polishing of such motor of such
             motor vehicles, boats, trailers, campers, or motor-driven cycles, together with those  
            activities normally incident or necessary to such washing and polishing.  No boat, trailer,
            camper, truck or commercial vehicles shall be parked at any time on or in front of any lot in
            an area visible from neighboring lots or any public street, except as such parking is
            necessary to make commercial deliveries.  All such motor vehicles, boats, trailers,
            campers, or motor-driven cycles which are stored or parked on any lot or parcel and
            which are not stored or parked in completely enclosed garage or other structure may be
            stored or parked on a side lot area and screened from public view by a fence and located
            on a concrete surface; provided however, in no event shall such storage or parking be
            beyond the front building line of the said lot or parcel.

Page 3 of 8

               This should not even be a point to raise

                                         It is just common sense, these Covenants were voted on and
                          Approved by a huge majority of 87% of the homeowners here in Turtle Creek in 2000.
                             The City of Broken Arrow adopted just about the same language in their city code. 
It is up to us to keep Turtle Creek and Broken Arrow beautiful.  A boat, a trailer, a dead car or truck, an RV has
      a special place, but it is not the driveway or the side yard or backyard of your home here in Turtle Creek.

                                If you don't agree with these Covenants, please consider moving to another area
                                                     that is more acceptable to your type of life style.

                                                                                 Without Regrets
                                                                                        Art Jiles

Looking for something to do right here in OKLAHOMA?
Then "click" on the link below to find your adventure right here in Oklahoma

click on the above link for some surprises about our state
(it is safe site)
Market UPDATES  

click on the above to view, YES, it is safe!
updated 1-30-2023

brought to you by

Phillip Morrow
Mortgage Loan Officer/AMC Mortgage
NMLS No.492991, AMC Branch NMLS # 182383
7211 South Yale Avenue, Tulsa 74136


 How does this
 REAL ESTATE Market of today,
 2021 compare to 2022?
compared to

click on the above to see the report (PDF file)
updated 1-15-2023
*reports are from the MLS Services in Tulsa, Oklahoma*



                        Merry Christmas
                                                     Turtle Creek December 2021
                                                               A Very Speical
                                                                  Thank You
                                               to all those that decorated so well This Year

Click here for 2020 Christmas Decorating
Click here for 2019 Christmas Decorating

Click here for 2019 Turtle Creek Halloween Parade (at last)
updated 11-2-2020

Click here for 2018 Turtle Creek Halloween Parade (at last!)

Click here for 2017 Turtle Creek Halloween Parade

Best Movers in the Greater Tulsa Area
report provided by Kelli Miller with KOTV-Channel 6
click here to review
updated 10/2018

   BE KIND, Please    
      If you have pets and they are barking most of the time and YOU can hear them, so can your neighbors.
      So, in the spirit of Kindness, PLEASE do everything possible to limit their barking before your neighbors call the Police

Turtle Creek is not an AUTOMOBILE/BOAT/TRAILER Repair Center
Turtle Creek is a Quite residential Addition to the City of Broken Arrow.  While Working on the above items please considered your neighbors.


Thinking about a Buying or Upgrading or Replacing your Present Security System?
Then check these reviews courtesy of KOTV-Channel 6
Security Systems REVIEWS
(updated 10-15-2018)

Personal Note
After a recent break-in here in Turtle Creek, especially just 2 doors north of me, I purchased a 4 Camera, 1080P, Modem, wireless System.  The
views are extremely sharp, clear and in color.  You can access the system via your Smart Phone, You are notified every time there is motion detected by
the Camera(s).  You can subscribe to their services or simply monitor the activity through your phone, lap top, desk top or iPad or other devices.

I purchased the system at Best Buy for about $775.00 and paid $125.00 to have someone install and show me how it works. (well worth it the first time around)
They work on their own Battery System and they are rechargeable BUT I strong suggest that you have the System hard wired (plug into electric outlets)
This avoids trips up the ladder to take down and recharge the Battery.  I did buy an extra Battery just to have it ready when the ONLY one that I have
on a battery dies, this takes about 3 months depending on the amount of activity the camera senses.  The more it sees, the faster the battery dies.  Those over the
garage pickup motion south bound, north bound and in the driveway. The other is located towards the backyard where is watching the side garage door.

I like it and would recommend it strongly.  It is NOT the answer to prevent but rather to catch those that are up to no good or to just see who pulled up into
the driveway.

Next time you walk by the house, look way up over the garage.
 You are being watched and you just tripped the motion
updated 4-1-2019
Are you doing the little things homebuyers love?
updated 6-27-2021

There’s never been a better time to sell a home.

Millennials are ready for homeownership and renters are seeing consistent rent increases. This means more buyers than ever are on the market for a home like yours. 

Home equity is also at all-time highs, which makes now the perfect time to sell and get more cash to put toward your next home.

Considering listing your home? Let’s start with the proven ways to maximize your returns: 

1. Clear the clutter. Crammed closets and overfilled garages can give buyers the impression your property is short on space. Declutter aggressively to accentuate the storage possibilities buyers get excited about. 

Pro Tip: Buyers love to open cabinets and drawers. Clear those spaces, too.

2. Maximize the possibilities. A potential home should be a blank slate -- a space buyers can imagine making their own. Keep personal items to a minimum and aim for a neutral look. 

Pro Tip: Set the dinner table so buyers can visualize coming home after a long day.

3. Brighten it up. Expose as much natural light as possible. For darker or interior rooms, use high-wattage bulbs in light fixtures.

Pro Tip: A fresh coat of light paint makes a home feel cheerful and shows pride of ownership.

4. Rearrange the furniture. Can people move around without bumping into furniture? Does the layout invite guests to sit down and relax?

Pro Tip: To invite conversation, don’t make a TV the focal point of any room. 

5. Outside views matter. Exteriors make a critical first impression. Ace yours by repainting your entry door and polishing the door handle. Potted plants on patios or balconies also make the outside of your home feel welcoming.

Pro Tip: Colorful flowers on window sills look great indoors and add to the outside appeal.

Do you need help staging your home? Or maybe you have budget concerns about upgrades needed before you list. Reach out today. Let’s make sure we maximize the appeal of your home, simply and cost-effectively.
(Updated 3-17-2019)
Selecting the Appropriate Level of Care Chart
Click here to view (this is a PDF File)

updated 8-15-2018
I would suggest printing this page for easy reading


City of Broken Arrow Phone Numbers  

Emergencies               911

Police Department (non-emergency)                     918.259.8400
City Hall                                                                    918.251.5311
Fire Department                                                      918.259.8360
Animal Control                                                         918.259.8311
Action Center                                                           918.258.3587
Parks and Recreation                                              918. 259.7007
General Services                                                      918.259.8373
Court Clerk                                                               918.451.8558
Utility Payments                                                      918.259.8409
After hours Emergencies for Water and Sewer    918.259.8400

Broken Arrow Public Schools                                 918.259.4300
Broken Arrow Chamber of Commerce                   918.251.1518
Emergencies               911

To see Christmas Decorating Contest Winners Click here
Christmas Decorating Contest Winners


Wind Chill Chart!  (NEW 1-13-2018)
thought we would add this so that when you go outside on those
cold days, you will wear the proper clothing for that day's weather

Turtle Creek
2017 Christmas

Click Here for Turtle Creek 2017 Christmas
Services Provider Page

Have YOU checked out YOUR Service Providers Page?
Just about anything YOU need done around your home is there!
(have a service and want to be there?  send me what services you provide with
 references and we will check it out!)
update 6-14-2022
Motorcycle Safety Course
  (click on above link)

This course is designed to teach experienced riders how to survive riding on our roadways. 
The course is taught by seasoned, police motorcycle officers that know what it takes to stay safe on a motorcycle

updated 3-27-2021
I have taken this course twice and I highly recommend it to anyone that rides a Motorcycle.
You might be surprised what you will learn.  I thought that I was a good rider but this course greatly improved my abilities!



We all win when we all care!
updated 10-8-2021


UPDATED 3-19-2021

updated 3-19-2021


UPDATED 3-19-2021

Yard of the WEEK

UPDATED 3-19-2021

     Yard of the WEEK

UPDATED 3-19-2021

Making Turtle Creek Beautiful
Everyone Wins when we Care!
School THEN and NOW
Turtle Creek Homeowner's Association has had to implement a new policy.

If you have a problem or concern and want to air it out with any of the Board Members please email them or drop a note by
1224 South Chestnut Avenue with your concern or complaint BUT have the honor of signing and giving your address so
 that your concern or complaint can be properly addressed and corrected. 
Your concerns and complaints are kept private and will not be shared with anyone. 
Unsigned and/or anonymous comments will simply be ignored with no action taken.
 When they are signed with a name, address (email address too) and phone number we will make
certain that you know what action has been taken.
HAVE YOU Checked the City of Broken Arrow Crime Report Lately?
(Go back to the "HOME" page and scroll down to City of Broken Arrow Crime Report-put in your address, click on search)



Turtle Creek Homeowners Association



Art Jiles
1224 South Chestnut Avenue
Broken Arrow, Oklahoma 74012

Vice President

Pat Carr
1400 South Chestnut Avenue
Broken Arrow, Oklahoma 74012





Chris Fields
1308 South Beech Court
Broken Arrow, Oklahoma 74012


Mary Marlow
700 South Chestnut Avenue
Broken Arrow, Oklahoma 74012

Please feel free to call any of these Members to discuss with them any problems or concerns that you might have

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