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Welcome to "Market Updates". 
Below you will find a lot of useful information about the
 Greater Tulsa Real Estate Market along with some information just about our area.
  We have gathered this information from several sources as well
 as provided YOU links to the many services available in our area.
  We offer helpful hints too!


updated 1-2-2019

UPDATED 1-1-2019

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UPDATED 1-1-2019
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As reported in "TulsaPeople Magazine" March 2018 Issue
2016 Art Jiles and
"TheJilesTeam" are Listed in the TOP 100 REALTORS in the Greater Tulsa Area
and again
2017 Art Jiles and
"TheJilesTeam" are Listed in the TOP 100 REALTORS in the Greater Tulsa Area
 SIX of the most highly trained, dedicated Real Estate Professionals in the Great Tulsa Real Estate Market. 
 With bright, new, and inventive methods for marketing your home,
 it is no wonder why year after year we are always in the top 5% of the REALTORS in the GREATER Tulsa Area. 

 Art Jiles

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Some Great Signs on Greater Tulsa!

   Yard_Sign.JPG (43670 bytes)     
      This Sign is Good..BUT..This Sign is the Greatest!
     With ALL that we have to give.....
    It is NO wonder that our homes SELL so FAST!
Call US and start packing 

The Greater Tulsa area Schools,,,some of the finest in the nation.

School District Map
Region1.gif (13825 bytes)
Click here for a map of the Greater Tulsa Area

Click here for a Map of Broken Arrow

Please click on the school district for more information
The districts not under lined presently do not have a site.  we will add them when they do.

 1   Tulsa Area School
 1  Tulsa Public Schools
 9  Union Public Schools
 3  Broken Arrow Public Schools
 5  Jenks Public Schools
 4  Bixby Public Schools
11  Owasso Public Schools
 2  Sand Springs Public Schools
14  Liberty Public Schools
13  Glenpool Public Schools
18  Leonard Public Schools
10  BerryHill Public Schools
  8    Sperry Public Schools
  7    Skiatook Public Schools
  6    Collinsville Public Schools
15    KeyStone Public Schools

Tulsa's Climate   
Annual Rainfall...........................................43.40"
Annual Sunshine............................55.4%
Average Temperature 60.3

Tulsa's Population

  Median age...........................34.7 years
Under 18..................................24.7%

  Over 65......................................13.4%

Thinking about your Business locating to Oklahoma?
Then check out these Web sites from the Oklahoma Department of Commerce


City/County Services

Tulsa                             918.596.9511       
Jenks                            918.299.5883       
Bixby                            918.366.4430        
Broken Arrow              918.259.8409         www.brokenarrowok.gov/
Collinsville                   918.371.1010        
Owasso                        918.272.2251        
Sand Springs               918.246.2524        
Sapulpa                        918.224.6220        
Skiatook                       918.396.2797         www.skiatook.com

Tourist Information for the entire state?  Click here

Want YOUR Hot Water Tank To Last a Little Longer?
(or are wondering why you run out of hot water so quick?)

This is easy!  At least once a year take the time to drain it.  Stuff builds up at the bottom of the tank thus making it difficult to heat the water through all of that build up.  Draining it at least once a year will help get hotter water faster and should keep your hot water tank working for a longer time.  When you are draining the tank use that hot water to wash out the garage or washing the tires on your car.

Thinking about a Upgrading or Replacing your Present Security System?
Then check these reviews courtesy of KOTV-Channel 6
Security Systems REVIEWS


Home Ownership can benefit you in many ways besides Monetarily.
    Here are some more benefits,,,

Homeowners report better psychological and physical health than non-owners.
2. Homeowners are far less likely to become crime victims than non-owners.
3. Homeowners are more likely to live in neighborhoods with more opportunities for school involvement or participation in neighborhood activities.
4. The average homeowner's net worth is 35 times that of the average renter.
5. Homeowners bring stability to neighborhoods. They move far less frequently than non-owners, and hence are embedded into the neighborhood and community for a longer period.
Source: National Association of REALTORS®



What was the Real Estate Market Last Year at his time
updated 12-15-2018
November 2017
when compared to
*Click here to see the difference*

*reports are from the MLS Services in Tulsa, Oklahoma*

From January through NOVEMBER 2018,
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Coldwell Banker Select

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updated 1-2-2019