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                                                Have you given some thought to selling your present home, purchasing a larger home,
                                                          thinking about a smaller home, moving to the country, moving to the lake
                                                                     You simply could not have a better market than right now!
                                                                                    The interest rates are historically low.


                                                                                 Is this a good time to either buyer or sell? 
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3805 West Indianola Street, Broken Arrow, Oklahoma 74012
4 Bedrooms
4 Baths
2 Living Areas
Union Schools
About 3,685 Square Feet

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                 ONLY in OKLAHOMA! 
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What was the Real Estate Market Last Year at this time?

ONE Look at this report and the first question should be
                           "why should I wait?" 
             PLEASE take a look at the "SOLD" column
                  that will answer YOUR question
                         very LOUD and CLEAR,,,
                        look at the inventory for
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 How does this
 REAL ESTATE Market of today,
 2021 compare to 2020?

March 2020
compared to
March 2021

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updated 4-20-2021

*reports are from the MLS Services in Tulsa, Oklahoma*


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updated 5-4-2021

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Phillip Morrow
Mortgage Loan Officer/AMC Mortgage
NMLS No.492991, AMC Branch NMLS # 182383
7211 South Yale Avenue, Tulsa 74136


                                                                                                         How Can We Help You? 
The Real Estate Market in the Greater Tulsa Area simply could not be any better!  Prices are going up, Sales are about 1.15%% ahead of 2019, inventory is down about 16.71% compared to 2019, the demand is still very strong.  If you ever had a thought about up-sizing, down-sizing, getting another home, older home, moving to the lake, even building a home, now would be a great time to "just do it"!  Interest rates are in the low 3's to high 2's, WOW!  Give it some thought.  If you just want to know what your home is worth right now, call us!  There is no charge for this service.  Have a GREAT DAY!       Call us, we get the results you expect and deserve!


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