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Here is just a small sample of the things that we do for YOU to get YOUR home SOLD! 
Simply stated,,,,
WE just do not rest until there is a "SOLD" sign in YOUR front yard!

Putting a sign in your front yard and placing your home with Multiple Listing Service are only two of the many services we provide
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But it is JUST the beginning to a happy ending..........

We Must reach the most "BUYERS"

With the "World Wide WEB" 
that is possible but still not the complete answer...

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Your home will be showcased at

and Each of these places lead your "Buyer" to other locations of Interest....

 How does this
 REAL ESTATE Market of today,
 2021 compare to 2022?
JULY 2021
JULY 2022

click on the above to see the report (PDF file)
updated 8-30-2022
*reports are from the MLS Services in Tulsa, Oklahoma*



but it is NOT the complete answer...
THE "Information" Box

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We place flyers in this box with information about YOUR home including an exterior picture BUT we leave off some very important information.  Usually the price or the number of bedrooms.


If we give the buyer too much information, they will sometimes form an opinion that is incorrect.  Leaving off something important will encourage the buyer to call us.   Once the buyer calls, we can begin the selling process!

Yes!  Open houses do work but a lot it depends on the weather, the location, what is on TV and some of it on just dumb luck!  BUT they do work!


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WE invite other Brokers to come and view your home usually during the week, Plus we feed them......and THEY come!

WE also use email to spread YOUR home's Information to as many other
REALTORS as is possible! 
WE just don't stop until we are Certain that EVERYONE KNOWS
About YOUR home!
THAT'S Why WE SELL SO many homes!

Is PRICE Important?
The right price is VERY important!

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The WRONG price can cause your home to sit and sit and sit and sit...

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WHILE the correct price will produce quick RESULTS!!
Getting you the most exposure

When YOU put all of these together then the answer is complete...YOU end up with a "SOLD" sign in YOUR front yard.

Making YOU Happy day in and day out

There are only two types of Sales People in the World!
Those who perform and those with excuses!

Coldwell Banker Select Realtors
Sell About 1 in every 4 homes in the Greater Tulsa Area!
So,,,It YOU want performance and Results
  Call US today! 

updated 6-14-2022 

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