2901 North Fern Court                                   408 South Hemlock Avenue                    10508 South 198th East Avenue   

                                                                                                                          6639 South Victor Avenue- #114

Would you like a larger home?    Live in the country?    Down Sizing?     Move to the Lake?            Ever have a thought about SELLING your present home?        We are the Team that gets results!              Do YOU want a Real Estate Surprise?        How about a FREE Market Report for YOUR present home?        You will be surprised what your present home is worth!         Homes for available for sale as of 7-31-2021 down 55+%          Average market time as of 7-31-2021, 18 Days        Average Sales Price as of 7-31-2021, $248,885         Average Sales Price UP almost 20% over 2020      

UPDATED 8-30-2022